Building a KHIKA App

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When you decide to integrate a data source for which you do not have a ready made KHIKA App, you will need to develop your own KHIKA App. A KHIKA App consists of following components.

  • An Adapter required for parsing the data and converting into KHIKA Data Format
  • Enrichment Rules (optional)
  • Alerts and Correlations (optional)
  • Visualizations and Dashboards (optional)
  • Custom Reports (optional)

Except for KHIKA Adapter, all the other components are optional to build an App. There are dedicated sections of documentation explaining the individual components, how to create it, significance, how to use it etc. We encourage you to read it before creating your own KHIKA App. Existing KHIKA Apps should be a great source of reference to start with. If you are stuck, your are welcome to write to us at and someone from our engineering team will surely help you out.