• Scalable SIEM solution
    with easy Customization lowers TCO
  • Compliance and Audit
    Be Audit Ready with out of box reports
  • Correlate Multiple Logs
    Root Cause Analysis
    Anomaly detection
  • Log Management
    Be the Geek
    Who spends his life reading logs in NOC
    Make sense in minutes and fix the problem

Khika SIEM is a highly scalable, cost effective platform for Log management and IT Compliance.

Next Generation SIEM

Given the current cyber security threats, just having perimeter protection systems such as Firewall and Antivirus is not sufficient. We need systems to detect malicious behavior for threats not identified by these devices. Khika is a next generation SIEM which combines the real time alerting and dashboarding of conventional SIEM with the power of big data to enable historical correlation and search to identify and contain such threats. Khika SIEM consumes the logs generated by your active directory, firewall, antivirus, web application firewall, web proxy, applications etc. to give you intelligence on security threats, compliance gaps and policy violations, infrastructure troubleshooting, user behaviors and more. This enables you to have a single platform for your security analytics and improves the security posture.

Comprehensive Log collection for IT compliance

Khika SIEM collects logs from multiple data sources and then indexes and compresses it for archival and search thus saving on the storage without compromising the functionality. These can then be used for compliance reporting to keep the IT organization audit ready. Khika can track configuration and other changes with its file integrity monitoring or alert you about unusual behavior of privileged users thus detecting internal and external threats early.

Competitive TCO

Khika can do all this at a very competitive TCO thus helping the ever crunched budgets of security organizations.

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