Enable NOC manage your Telecom Infra.
Enables CFOs save on energy cost and improve SLAs.

Khika enables Telecom Infrastructure management to crunch their big data from logs with adapters for each of the switches – Ericsson, ZTE, NSN, Huawei- to make it available in a report format as and when required. This empowers the NOC managers and CFOs.

Single console for all Sites improves SLA

Single console for all switches and sites reduces clutter

Critical reports such as OSS Uptime Report impacting SLA are readily available when desired thus leaving time for employees to impact the SLA.

The Khika Search enables NOC employees to look for particular type of errors, sites, downtimes and patterns which helps them co ordinate with the field staff to prevent SLA breaches.

Categorization and SLA Penalty

As the root cause for the failure can be established with confidence, it can be determined if the failure is due to active or passive components.

Transparency in the SLA and events which were out of scope could be categorized correctly thus improving the SLA having a direct impact on penalties and financials.

Reconciliation with ERP Data

Data from the logs gave an additional source for site usage and power consumption times which could be reconciled with the manually entered data being used in ERP financials. Mismatch in the data could be very easily found and reconciled even when 10s of thousands of towers are analyzed.

Drill down from graph to details

Ability to drill down to the most granular level after seeing a trend in graph meant going to the supporting data without phone calls to multiple people.

Root Cause Analysis

As multiple systems can be correlated, it is possible to know where exactly the issue is and fix the same reducing the MTTR.

Audit and Arbitration

Assured data being readily available for Audit and Arbitration along with the supporting data means the process is streamlined drastically and escalations reduced.

Key Benefits:

  • ➢ Single console for all switches reduced clutter.
  • ➢ Critical reports such as OSS Uptime Report readily available.
  • ➢ Automated report generation means NOC is free to take action to influence SLAs.
  • ➢ Reconciliation of data with ERP reduced costs.
  • ➢ Drill down to detail level from graphs.
  • ➢ Confidence in data in Khika as Excel sheets are not trusted.
  • ➢ Root Cause Analysis of failures means fixing the right things rather than symptoms.
  • ➢ Direct console for auditors make the audit process fast, easy and transparent.
  • ➢ SLA Penalty reduction as data for arbitration readily available.

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